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Emergency funding through sale?
Justin and his wife are wondering if it would be a good plan to complete their fully-funded emergency fund through the sale of their home. Dave walks them through a couple of scenarios to make sure they're on the right track.
Rental runaround
A rental car company gave Michelle and her husband a hard time and some bad information recently, when they tried to use their debit card. She tells Dave about the ordeal, and he's not impressed with the experience, either.
Learning and living
Joan was left in great shape financially after her husband passed away. He handled most of the finances when he was alive, so now Joan is trying to learn more about the wealth they accumulated and how to move forward. Dave and his guest, Chris Hogan, offer advice and support.
It's okay to buy the car
Brandon and his wife are in good shape financially, but they're worried about retirement. They ask Dave if they should use $22,000 they saved for a newer car, or hang on to some of it for when they retire. Dave assesses their overall situation, and gives them his opinion.
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