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Mortgage or Save?
Kevin in Midland, Texas, just became debt-free. He currently rents, but wants to buy a home, and asks Dave the best way to approach buying a house. Dave has a couple of options for Kevin, and thinks he knows what Kevin will do.
No Gossip Allowed
Troy owns a small business that is based in Durham, NC. He has attended Dave's EntreLeadership Master Series class, and he wants to implement a "no gossip" policy at his company. Dave gives him a few pointers for getting the idea off the ground.
God Whispering To You
Randy is eligible to receive money from a class action lawsuit, but he doesn't feel like he was wronged in any way. He calls Dave from Dallas, Texas, for some help making the right decision.
Future Plans
Patrick in San Francisco is getting his financial act together and looking toward the future. He asks Dave how to best handle his ideas to make his work dreams come true.
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