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It's okay to take control
Meghan's husband is a recovering addict, and she wants to know how they should handle their finances. Dave offers her some advice and encouragement for this difficult situation.
Pause the debt snowball
Adam is going through a divorce that's about to be finalized. He has been following Dave's plan, and was working on his debt snowball. Adam asks if it's okay to pause work on the debt snowball while getting back on his feet financially. Dave and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, both say yes.
Sell back PTO?
Ashley is thinking about selling her company back a portion of the paid time off she has accumulated over the years, because she wants to use the money to pay off her house more quickly. She talks the plan over with Dave and Chris Brown, and they give her guidance in an unusual situation.
Break even
Jay on Twitter asks Dave how to determine the amount of the deductible on your home insurance. Dave explains how this can be accomplished through a simple break even analysis.
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