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Car Debt
Dave learns that Kendall from Midland, Texas, has a bigger problem than the Baby Steps. He has almost $90,000 in debt from two cars he's upside down on.
Difference in Debts?
Lex needs help explaining to his wife the difference in taking on debt to buy a car and having a mortgage. Dave helps him with this, and explains his view on debt.
Biblical Submission?
Darcy wants to stay debt-free, but has trouble saying no to her husband's purchases. She asks Dave about the biblical definition of submission.
No Safety Factor In Gold
Steve is retired, and he has about five percent of his retirement savings in gold and silver. He calls in from Denver, CO, to ask Dave if he should hang on to these investments, even though prices have declined, so he'll have something of value if the economy goes bad quickly. Steve looks at the investment as a safety factor, but Dave has some news for him.
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