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How Do Two Free-Spirits Handle Money Together?

QUESTION: Steve on Twitter wants to know what his wife and he should do if they’re both free spirits with money.

ANSWER: “Free spirit” just means you don’t major in details. You’re not nerdy and don’t have a pocket protector. You don’t have a calculator hanging off your belt, right? That’s all free spirit means.

Free spirit doesn’t mean you can’t be a grown-up. Maturity is not what we’re talking about here. Initiative is not what we’re talking about. We’re just talking about your personality style and how you address life.

I’m a little more nerdy. My wife’s a little more of a free spirit. I’m a natural detail person. I like a detail. I like a plan. My wife enjoys a plan, and she doesn’t mind sticking to one, but it’s not her default button. That’s all it means. If it’s not your default button to go to spreadsheets, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a grownup. It doesn’t mean you can’t lay out a game plan and say, “Hey, we make too much money to waste it. We make too much money to be this broke and this far in debt.” That’s all it is. It does mean you’ve got to concentrate on some of those detail things because it’s not your nature, because you have to do enough details to win. It also means you guys are going to be very generous, because free spirits are generally very generous people. The ones that are spenders are usually generous (or at least have more of a tendency to be), so you’re going to have a great life. But just be intentional. That’s all we’re asking. Do it on purpose.