5 Habits to Pick Up

Paving the way to a wealth-building life


Wealthy people can usually point to discipline as key to building their wealth.

If you have self-control and a sense of direction in life, good things will follow (and after a while, follow in spades). Here are some habits that can help you get where you want to go with your life and money.

Be an early riser. The old saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.” When you get up early (say, 6 a.m. for a nine-to-five job), your day starts early. You have time to get in a workout, read a book, or focus on some self-improvement goal. Besides, getting up late can actually slow your metabolism down and make you feel sluggish.

Keep lists. Even a simple, daily “to-do” list can help because it gives you something to focus on. If you know that you have one checklist and one day to get everything on it done, it keeps you motivated to knock things out.

Count your calories. Throw a rock out the window and you’ll most likely hit someone who will say they could stand to lose a few pounds. It’s a common problem in America, and if you want to shed weight, start taking steps to cut out late-night snacks, and maybe even exercise. There are all kinds of apps you can download which can help with the process.

While at work, do some work. Some people think that going to work literally means they have done their job by showing up and sitting at their desks. If all you do at your job is check Facebook or stats on last night’s game, you won’t find yourself in line for a promotion anytime soon. Prove your value to the company and they will reward you.

Stick to your budget. This one may seem like the most obvious, but it deserves some emphasis. When you decide what to spend and save before the month begins, and then stick to those numbers, you will mathematically come out ahead. The longer you do it, the bigger your numbers will be.

The underlying themes here are discipline and diligence. When you are intentional in your pursuits and work toward your goals consistently and over time, they produce results. Also, when you are disciplined in one area (such as weight loss), that pattern of discipline can spill over into other areas of life. It’s a good kind of contagious.

Getting up early or watching what you eat are not behaviors that will make you wealthy in and of themselves, but by showing that discipline, they can pave the way for you to win in your life.

Having money will almost invariably follow the person who is disciplined and works hard.

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Reader Comments (18)

So if someone's work schedule starts at 7:30 (7:30-4:30) I need to get up at 4:30?!?!
Member at 11:29 PM, July 31 2013
That's correct twinmama85! I get up at 4:00 A. M., Mon-Fri, have a run/cardio 3 times a week, weight lifting 3 times a week. I don't have to be at work until 8:20 (elementary/primary school teacher in New Zealand), thought I usually arrive between 7:00 and 7:!5 A. M.
Member at 2:36 AM, August 01 2013
Great read. I do not have a set schedule but I'm always up by 5a. It feels good as well.
Member at 2:50 AM, August 01 2013
These are good ideas, but it's hard to translate them to a 3rd shift schedule. Everyone writes articles with nine to fivers in mind.
Member at 3:30 AM, August 01 2013
I love this article. Everything in it is true. How do you walk 1000 miles? One step at a time. Corny but so, so true!
Member at 6:56 AM, August 01 2013
If you stay home and out of the bar getting up early is a breeze. So stay home get some sleep up early workout go to work and stay on point. I am not due in till 8 am I am there by 7 -715 at the latest. Being early is respected and does payoff trust me.
Member at 11:50 AM, August 01 2013
SWJett, u are absolutely correct. Its difficult to flip the points to 9pm-5am schedule
Member at 5:18 AM, August 03 2013
I have a job that starts at 7am. I have started getting up at 4am to work out and getting some reading in before work. I'm 3-weeks into this and I can see the benefits!
Member at 12:27 PM, August 03 2013
What if you work from 10 to 9? I'm always concerned about not getting enough sleep, lack of sleep can affect you too.
Member at 10:40 PM, August 03 2013
Cutting back on tv can help a lot with sleep :) Sacrifice a little tv and get up a little earlier. Ease into it. Decide that your wake up time is set, and adjust bed time based on how tired you are that particular day :) It's hard bc we live in a late night tv world (and once in awhile I cheat and indulge a bit more in it too) I watch most of my tv, tho, on the exercise bike in the morning-- added motivation! :)
Member at 6:23 AM, August 04 2013
Good suggestions everyone. Limiting television is key. Biggest time/energy waster ever.
Member at 11:12 AM, August 04 2013
The trouble I have with getting up early is I have 3 young children who wake up in the middle of the middle of night or one doesn't want to go to bed on time, etc. So by the time I get to bed it is late and I usually don't get a full nights sleep anyway. We have gotten rid of our satellite which has made a major impact (in more ways than one) but getting to bed early so I can get up earlier has not happened yet.
Member at 11:30 AM, August 04 2013
What on earth is so hard about translating this to 2nd or 3rd shift? The author is saying set aside enough time before work to do one or two projects that contribute to your future. Or, so oversimplify, get out of bed 2 and a half hours before you need to leave for work. Okay, work 9-5? Get up at 6. Work 10-5, get up at 7. Work 5pm to 5am? Get up at 2pm. It's not tough math. And it's probably not got to be a religion either - are you really, truly only productive at night? Okay, set aside 3 hours AT NIGHT to improve your life! Kids keep you up late no matter what? Set aside several parcels of that time that you're up anyway to read books on parenting and boundaries.
Member at 12:36 PM, August 04 2013
I get up at 4:30am everyday, go do a paper route of 200 or so papers. I'm back home by 5:45. I don't have to be to work until 8:00,
Member at 4:18 PM, August 04 2013
Start gradually. Get up 15 min earlier than normal. When you are comfortable with that move it back another 15 min. The same with going to bed earlier. Small increments over time. Change doesn't always stick when it is drastic.
Member at 10:46 PM, August 04 2013
Some people are just NOT morning people...and I think it's ok. I took away - just set aside time in your day to do things that impact your life. My husband, a soldier, pops out of bed the moment the alarm rings no matter the hour - and he's smart enough NOT to try to force me to do the same! I am a slow riser in the morning but I am WAY more productive than him in the evenings...so it balances out. I think as long as you take the concept and make it fit to your life...it's good advice! Don't get too wrapped up on the exact time.
Member at 5:59 PM, August 06 2013
The overall point is just like the article says. Find time to be organized and focused. I drive 50 miles one way to my job. I am up at 4:30am and I get home at 6:30pm. I still find time to be a cub master in our town, attend my kids events, spend time with family and on occasion a date night with my wife. It is all good stuff. Don't think to deep just be consistent and deliberate in your planning. Life is good!
Member at 9:00 AM, August 07 2013
I'm not a morning person at all. I do my best work in the evening. LOL I tried doing stuff early but it takes me twice as long to do my job (I'm a writer), so I'm better off doing my work after dinner. I agree with the others who said to do your work with focus when it's the best time for them. :D
Member at 7:43 PM, August 07 2013