Big Government Overspending


The argument has been made plenty of times that the wealthy shouldn't have to pay more in taxes because they already fork over more than anyone. That argument can certainly fan the flames of any political debate, but we're not about politics here.

We are about teaching you to take control of your money. Good things happen when money is put into responsible hands. It isn't wasted. And whatever your party, we can all agree that Washington wastes its fair share of its (our) cash.

We've got pudding for whoever needs the proof. Check out these examples of government overspending and waste in 2012:

  • • $27 million was spent on Moroccan pottery classes to improve the "economic competitiveness of Morocco."
  • • Almost $1 million was spent by NASA to study the best foods for astronauts to eat on a voyage to Mars.
  • • $350,000 was spent on a government-funded study on how golfers can improve their game by using their imagination.
  • • $49,477 was spent on Smokey the Bear ("Only YOU can prevent forest fires!") balloons.
  • • $10,000 in federal funds was spent by the Michigan State Police on talking urinal cakes in an effort to prevent drunk driving.
  • • $11,700 was spent on a Star Wars Day event at a Massachusetts public library.
  • • $20,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts went to fund circus classes.
  • • $639,884 was spent on a Pentagon project that is developing a new form of beef jerky that resembles a Fruit Roll-Up.
  • • $505,000 was spent by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for Sergeant's Pet Care Products. The money is for capital improvements such as buying machinery to make pet toothpaste and shampoo.

And on and on and on ...

If an argument about who pays how much in taxes somehow doesn't hold water, we'll offer a different argument. When Washington gets its hands on taxpayer money, it is wasted. It could be a $500 toilet seat or $500,000 for pet grooming products, but to the senators and representatives of the world, it's just a number that can be spent. And thus, it's wasted.

The reason people are better managers of the money they earn (as opposed to the government) is you work and sweat for your earnings; the government does not. You know what it took to make your money and you know that if it's wasted, you'll have to go through all that work and sweat again. You want to make your rewards worth your efforts.

Which is why your money is best left to you, not the government.

Source: The Fiscal Times

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Talking urinal cakes? I had to read that one twice! The more learn to take control of my own money, the more I realize just how absolutely out of control government spending is. This isn't a "liberal" or "conservative" thing -- it's common sense!
Member at 11:45 AM, February 14 2013