Flush With Cash

The high cost of a Washington bathroom


In some parts of Washington, DC, $220,000 would get you a fairly nice house.

In other parts, it would barely be enough to cover the bathroom.

A recent news report from Channel 2 in the Washington area states that a freshly renovated john at the U.S. Interior Department cost about $222,000 for the work done to it.

Here are some of the highlights of the 100-square-foot washroom:

  • • $1,500 wall panels
  • • $3,500 Sub-Zero refrigerator (in case you'd like a can while you're on the can)
  • • $2,600 custom cabinetry
  • • $689 faucet
  • • $65 "vintage tissue holder"

These upgrades happened in 2007 and internal auditors issued memos about the fix-ups in 2009. It wasn't until a request was made under the Freedom of Information Act and four more years passed that it became public knowledge.

It's just another way to show that the government doesn't handle money wisely. They don't spend it well or keep track of it, and they dang sure don't save it. All of those jobs are much better left to you and your household. Don't rely on the government to take care of you. Fund your own retirement.

We've written in the past about what it's like to live on Social Security, and there is no shortage of news stories about how that program is in trouble. But consider this jaw-dropping stat: If the average payout from Social Security is $1,100 a month, remember you can outdo that by investing $100 a month for 21 years and living off the interest!

Save for your own golden years and you'll have far more money to spend and give than anything the government can throw at you. Otherwise, your future–much like recent taxpayer money–will go down the toilet.

Reader Comments (5)

If they weren't doing anything wrong, the FOIA request should have been answered sooner. They just figured they could wait it out... then it wouldn't matter.
Member at 10:33 AM, January 25 2013
This article is a good reminder why its so important to save for retirement. My saving was put on hold for six years while caring for young children and moving with the military(Navy wife). Happy to say I am on target,adding more to my ROTH IRA while working part-time. Husband participates in 401k at work with a 4%match.
Member at 11:48 AM, January 25 2013
wELL, I would love to see a copy of their budget. This isn't a recent report, it happened in 2007. It is still so wrong. This bathroom renovation cost 3x the price of my house.
Member at 9:08 AM, January 26 2013
That's totally unnecessary and I bet that the company or contractor took advantage of the government's ineptitude with money and who knows how much they overcharged. LOL
Member at 3:30 PM, February 01 2013
well I know when I go to a public restroom I take a good look at the toliet paper dispenser and wonder if its vintage or not!and what exactly is a "vintage tissue holder"? lol
Member at 1:53 AM, February 02 2013