Secret Santa Stories

Undercover giving leads to overwhelming giddiness


Helping people out. Whether you do it by giving time or money, it's sure to bring a smile to the face of the person you help ... not to mention your own.

Straight from the My Total Money Makeover community forums, here are stories from some of our members who did that little extra something to bring a lot of good cheer to others.

Just remember, you don't have to wait until Christmas to do something nice for someone. Make it a regular thing in 2015!

Here's a Tip

I left a $20 tip to our server at Cracker Barrel. The lady at the register looked at it for a few seconds and was getting ready to ask if it was correct until I told her it was. It was great! –Steven in North Carolina

Have a Frosty!

We had some coupon books for free Wendy’s Frostys, so we went to lunch there. A family with four kids was sitting near us, and I saw the dad pull four $1 bills out of his wallet. I just knew they were for Frostys. So I nudged my husband and handed him some coupons, he went over and gave them to the family. They were so appreciative! They thanked us up and down and wished us a Merry Christmas.

A very small gesture, but it felt nice! –Tracy in New Jersey

On the Same Page

We gave away a chair on, and the people that got it didn't know if they could fit it in their car. We were heading to town and offered to drop it off. Before we left, I felt like we should take some extra cash with us. When I came downstairs, my husband said the same thing! We figured that was some good guidance, so we took $100 with us–extra from our Christmas budget..

We ended up giving the mom $80 and the 19-year-old son $20 (to buy something for Mom). They were sweet as anything and very grateful! – Marti in Maryland

Special Delivery!

Two years ago we bought gifts for a local woman whose husband had been accidentally killed earlier in the year. The family had EIGHT children all under the age of 15!

We filled up a HUGE plastic storage container with lots and lots of wrapped gifts for all nine of them, including toys, games, clothes, fresh fruit, candy and some extra money for mom! We waited until it was about time for the children to go to bed, then we quietly pulled down their driveway and carefully unloaded their goodies onto their porch.

We did it anonymously ... and I cried with tears of sheer joy and gratitude! –Laura in Iowa

Now it's time for you to make some memories of your own. Get to giving this month and enjoy!

Reader Comments (3)

One of the things that brought me to a belief in God was the anonymous gift to a friend. It was November. My friend called and asked if I could babysit. Her husband was at work, and as a member of her church's charity committee, she had an emergency. Both signers to the committee's checks were out of town, and a family had lost everything in a fire that afternoon. She was broke and there had been a snafu at her husband's employer, and he hadn't received his last paycheck. She took the last food from her freezer and brought it, along with some of her kids' clothes, to the needy family while I fed her kids spaghetti with margarine for supper. She got home about 9 pm. The next morning there on her front porch was venison--a whole butchered and freezer-ready deer that someone had left anonymously on her porch. I hadn't been a believer, but I clearly saw the hand of the Lord helping someone who had helped someone needier.
Member at 8:00 AM, December 18 2011
Er... I'm not Christian and I can say that I've seen so much good coming from people of any other religion you may think of and even from non-religious too. I believe that the person who does good just because and from their heart, instead of expecting to be rewarded by the Divine (or any deity they believe), are the real good Samaritans.
Member at 4:29 PM, December 04 2012
Just because a person is Christian and Jesus taught to give does not mean that when Christians give it doesn't come "from their heart." Your comment really stung and was unnecessarily accusatory.
Member at 12:23 PM, December 05 2012