The Lotto Rip-Off

A listener to Dave's show asks a question that Dave can't believe


It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Spend a dollar on a lottery ticket and get the chance to win millions. If you lose, no problem ... just buy another ticket!

But that’s not a good plan. In fact, it stinks as a plan. Every dollar you spend on the lotto is one dollar that doesn’t go toward paying off debt, which really does help you build wealth. No matter how small the amount, you should put your money to work for you.

Dawn has been playing the lottery. She's a Christian and wants to know Dave's views on playing the lottery. They've been struggling financially and thought a chance at a million dollars was worth a few dollars. Dave has some strong opinions about playing the lottery when you're broke.

Hear what Dave says.

Dave's answer: You're kidding. You really want my advice? No, you don't. You just thought you did.

"I'm struggling financially, and I'm throwing money out the window. Dave, do you think this is smart?" It's only a dollar, but it's a dollar that indicates stupidity in your life. You are more likely to be struck by lightning five times than to win the lottery. How many people do you know who have been struck by lightning and lived through it five times?

You're not going to win. It's a total waste of money. You're placing your hope in the wrong things. Honestly, ask yourself as a Christian if you think Jesus thinks this is a good use of your money. The lottery is a tax on people who can't do math and poor people. Those are the only people who play. No one else plays the lottery.

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