How does this tool help me beat debt and build wealth?

Getting control of your money is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge (math). You CAN beat debt and build wealth. Just follow the plan. Our new debt snowball tool minimizes your effort to "do the numbers", and actually helps you visualize what's happening with your debt, and what to do next.

Try our debt snowball tool - free! OR learn more about the debt snowball method.

Where am I in beating debt?

You'll always know exactly where your money is and should be going, daily and monthly, with easy-to-follow graphs and guides. A heads-up display shows you where you are in the plan.

Help! I need to stay motivated!

Believe us, we know the feeling. How about regular notes of encouragement and reminders of what debt-free living is like? And remember, you're not alone. Thousands of community members help each other every day with real solutions to money, debt, savings, budget, and more.

Can we put any kind of debt in our debt snowball?

In a word…YES! What's great about the debt snowball tool is that it can display all of your debts into one dashboard. Credit cards, car loans, student loans, health care expenses, anything that you pay on a monthly basis. With the debt snowball, you'll always know where you are, and where you're going with your debt.