Worst Ways To Be Fired

The only good things to come out of these are the stories


No one likes being fired. Even if you hate your job, you'd rather leave on your own terms than get the axe. Unfortunately, some of our members didn't get to make that choice.

But we're not talking about a handshake and a good reference. These are much worse.

Talk About a Password Change!

I found out I was fired when I went to my computer and I couldn't log in. They didn't even tell me. I found out from my coworkers. You know ... the ones who were packing up their stuff. Deadsmiley

Hope He Edits the Want Ads

In a previous lifetime, I was a newspaper reporter for a large metropolitan daily newspaper. One Friday afternoon my boss said, "Richard, I don't know how we're going to get along without you, but starting Monday we're sure as heck gonna try."

It wasn't a happy moment for me then, but I sure am glad that it happened! Looking back, it even seems kind of funny how my boss broke the news to me that I was fired. Wingwalker

Off To a Bad Start

The day I returned from my honeymoon. Patrick.

Postage (and Explanation) Due

I had a boss whom I think was scared of me (or rather, scared that I knew he was having an affair with his receptionist).

He put a letter in my mailbox! That's right; he drove by my house and stuck a letter in there rather than talking to me. ironwoman05

Employment Check On Aisle 7

I had just gone to work and my husband had dropped me off. I knew he was going to Wal-Mart to get a few things. I had to have him paged at Wal-Mart to come back and get me. We had no cell phones. The one time he had my car and dropped me off, I was let go. rhoton04

Losing My Religion

At parochial school, a fellow teacher found a copy of the school board meeting minutes in the parking lot. It said she and I would not be returning in the fall since they were letting all part-timers go. This was in December, and we had to teach until June! lmstandfest

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Reader Comments (4)

I once got back from a business lunch with a signed contract in my hand. (The largest deal in the small companies history) and my spineless boss had sent me an email that simply stated, "The company can no longer afford you."
Member at 10:02 PM, May 07 2010
I got fired because I have mental illnesses. Sure, the excuse was "excess abscenses" and the company was so small that FMLA did not apply to me. But if I had cancer, do you think they really would have fired me for being in the hospital too much? I don't think so. They fired me because I was crazy.
Member at 12:38 AM, May 08 2010
I was on my way to being fired (but I found another job & resigned 1st) when I worked up the courage to politely say "please do not yell at me" to my abusive boss. He quit yelling and started writing me up for the most inane things such as drinking coffee & using my cell phone (I was calling in emergency staffing for the company using my cell phone minutes).
Member at 8:52 AM, May 09 2010
I was self employed and doing pretty well. The owners of the business that I rented a room from told me that they were raising my rent from $500 to $800. That was to take effect the next month. It pretty much looked like an eviction notice to me. When I asked the nicer of the two owners about it, she said the other owner was mad that everyone in the shop wasn't cleaning as much as she was and that's why she raised the rent so high. I left and eventually the rest of the people did also. That business has since closed down. They should have thought about the fact that $500 a month in rent looks a whole lot better than zero!
Member at 12:30 PM, May 10 2010