About Dave Ramsey & My Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey knows how money works. From having a $4 million real estate portfolio to filing bankruptcy to becoming a millionaire again, Dave has seen and done it all.

Dave learned about money the hard way, and that is what made him into a New York Times best-selling author and a nationally-syndicated radio show host. His advice is simple. Just like your grandmother would say ... live on less than you make, save money and don't go into debt.

You may not know how to make a budget or live without debt. You may not have a lot of support from your broke friends and family. What you need is a website where you can make a budget and track how much you spend. You need a place where you'll get encouragement from others who are becoming debt free. That website is My Total Money Makeover.com.

At My Total Money Makeover.com, you'll find tools for budgeting, a community of encouragement and support from other people, and access to the last 30 days of The Dave Ramsey Show. It's the second-most powerful weapon you can find to get out of debt.

What is the most powerful weapon, you ask? Simple ... it's you! If you commit to the concept and principles taught here, you WILL get control of your money. You WILL change your family tree. You WILL prosper. It just takes commitment and hard work. Remember, what is a few short years of sacrifice versus a lifetime of financial peace?